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Quantum Error Devs Block Twitter Users After Negative Review Backlash

TeamKill Media has drawn the line for Twitter trolls who are currently trashing Quantum Error. Yesterday afternoon, reviews for Quantum Error went up online and they aren’t pretty. The game is currently sitting at 47 on Metacritic which has sparked some rather nasty backlash for the studio. Of course, some of this is expected given how TeamKill Media addressed gamers in the lead-up to the launch of Quantum Error.

If you missed it, a few months back TeamKill Media began posting a number of questionable tweets related to Quantum Error. Many of them were seen as fanboyish and “console warring” towards PlayStation claiming that the Xbox Series X/S SSD is too slow to run the game without loading screens.

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The tweets said that the PS5 SSD is so fast that the team wouldn’t have to implement any loading screens into the game. However, on the Xbox version, which is actively in development, there would definitely be some sort of loading screen due to how slow the SSD was.

As a result, Xbox fanboys jumped on board to publically harass the studio. PlayStation fanboys then jumped on board too in order to defend them. Some users were boasting that Sony should purchase TeamKill Media and become part of the PlayStation Studios family.

Some users went as far as to say that Quantum Error was their “most anticipated game of the year” all because of how the studio took advantage of the PS5 SSD. They followed up by thanking TeamKill Media for not downgrading the game on PS5 to accommodate the Xbox hardware. Again, this was all because of a claim regarding an SSD.

The online hype regarding Quantum Error truly grew way bigger than it should have. Even creators jumped on board to hype up the game. Keep in mind that Quantum Error was developed by only four people but its ambitious online persona seemed like a much bigger project.

Of course, when the review embargo dropped yesterday afternoon, all the receipts were delivered. With low 2/10s, 3/10s and 4/10s Quantum Error has been described as one of the worst games of 2023. It sits alongside The Lords of the Rings: Gollum and the latest King Kong game.

At the same time, Xbox fanboys have seen the reviews as a moment of redemption and they have wasted no time sharing memes recalling the infamous “SSD” tweets.

TeamKill Media even resorted to addressing the so-called “trashing” in a statement.

Users also claim that the official game account has started blocking accounts which share hateful posts and slander over the game. Again, this is all because of an SSD.

If TeamKill Media didn’t speak out about the SSD a few months back, Quantum Error would simply be a bad game. However, the tweets were seen as “console warring” and it blew way out of proportion. Just goes to show how Twitter is littered with the lowest form of gamers around.

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