Sony Bravia X900H Firmware v6.0414 Released – How To Manually Install It
Sony Bravia X900H 4K 120Hz Blur Blurry Bug Firmware v6.0414 Manually Update
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Sony has released a new firmware update v6.0414 for supported Bravia TVs including the X900H. The update is one of many to arrive which will hopefully fix the 4K 120Hz blur and add system stability to the range of TV sets. For those of you hoping that this new update fixes the 4K 120Hz blur issue, unfortunately, it does not clean up the image completely but there is a clear improvement.

After installing the update and testing compatible games on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, although there is a slight improvement in image quality, it does not completely eliminate the blur issue. At least we are getting there slowly. We will post a full comparison showing off the difference soon.

How to manually update Sony Bravia to v6.0414

You can manually update your Sony Bravia X900H and other supported sets by downloading the update file, putting it onto a USB drive and inserting it into your TV set. It is a lot faster than waiting for Sony to roll it out in your region.

First, you need to identify what model your TV set in to determine which region to download the update file from. There is Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. If you live in South Africa, you need to download the Asia Pacific version.

Download the update files. They range from 1.3 – 1.5GB depending on the region. Once downloaded, you need a USB stick formatted to FAT32, NTFS or exFAT. Unzip the original downloaded zip file. Inside this file, there is another zip file. This is the Sony Bravia v6.0414 TV update firmware you need.

Simply copy the zip file to the root of your USB stick and plug it into the TV. Once plugged in, the TV will automatically detect there’s an update and prompt installation. If it tells you the firmware cannot be used then there’s a high chance you downloaded the wrong region update. Once installed, the TV will now have firmware v6.0414.

Official download links below

Supported Sony Bravia v6.0414 Models

  • XBR-85X900H
  • XBR-75X900H
  • XBR-65X900H
  • XBR-55X900H
  • XBR-85X90CH
  • XBR-75X90CH
  • XBR-65X90CH
  • XBR-55X90CH

Let us know your experience with the new software down below.






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