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South Park: Snow Day! Bombs as Review Criticise Repetitive, Bland Game

South Park: Snow Day! is out today but if you’re hoping for a successor to the brilliant Ubisoft RPG series, you might want to go replay those games instead. South Park: Snow Day! reviews don’t look impressive at all with critics slamming the game’s repetitive gameplay and lacklustre environments.

Critics also say South Park: Snow Day! feels shallow with very little content and almost no fun. Many of them say that after the success of the previous RPGs, to see the video game series go in this direction feels misguided.

At the moment, South Park: Snow Day! is sitting on a 61 on Metacritic and 62 on OpenCritic. Here’s a roundup of some reviews online:

Digital Trends – 30/100

South Park: Snow Day! flushes a nostalgic multiplayer premise down the toilet – read the full review.

IGN – 30/100

Thanks to recent successes, we know exactly what a great South Park game looks like, and South Park: Snow Day! couldn’t be farther from it. I’m a huge fan of throwing out the rulebook to try something completely fresh, especially in this age of samey sequels and forever live-service games that increasingly play it safe, but this bold attempt at a new direction misses the mark so drastically I’m aghast at just how sideways things went. Whether it’s due to the thoroughly unenjoyable combat or the uncharacteristically toothless and unfunny story, I can’t recommend anyone waste their time on this cooperative lost cause – even my fellow die-hard South Park fans – read the full review.

VideoGamer – 50/100

Snow Day’s moment-to-moment slapstick humor and inventive combat are undermined by unfulfilling progression and an acute lack of content – read the full review.

VGC – 60/100

Snow Day is a fun enough co-op action game while it lasts, but its repetitive nature (both in terms of its environments and its low number of stages) means you’ll tire of it eventually. Dialogue is typically fantastic and the art style works better than we expected, but its low price is a key indicator of how relatively light it is on content at launch – read the full review.

GamersRD – 90/100

Snow Day brings everything a South Park game should offer us. An entertaining time in a not very complicated game where we can enjoy in real time the voice acting, jokes, transgressions and mockery that have made South Park the best intellectual property in decades – read the full review.

GamerGrin – 90/100

South Park: Snow Days! This game is full of humour and personality, combined with great visuals and music. It’s so much fun to play – read the full review.

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