STALKER 2 Development Resumes – Hardcore Difficulty Confirmed

"Expect a delay"

STALKER 2 Development Resumes – Hardcore Difficulty Confirmed

GSC Game World has resumed the development of STALKER 2. The game was put on hold earlier this year when the studio was affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. GSC Game World previously announced that the studio was forced to leave Ukraine due to the invasion of Russia. Previously, STALKER 2 was set to release on 8 December. However, GSC Game World has not shared an updated release date.

There’s no doubt that STALKER 2 will be delayed due to the recent stall in development. The studio took over two months to get the game back off the ground. This being after all social media accounts were locked and at one stage, there was radio silence from GSC regarding the safety of the employees.

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The news of the studio’s move out of Ukraine wasn’t officially confirmed until a week after they packed up and left. The only way we heard about the move was through reports that came out of media in Ukraine. However, GSC Game World has since announced the game’s development is back on.

According to the official Discord channel, STALKER 2 is now in development again. GSC Game World even shared some new information on the game’s difficulty saying there is even a difficulty for those who enjoy a hardcore experience.

We will most likely see STALKER 2 during Microsoft’s Bethesda and Xbox conference next month. It is scheduled to debut on 12 June. If the game is delayed, GSC Game World will probably share an updated release date then.

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