Star Ocean: The Divine Force Gets October Release Date

"A busy RPG season ahead"

Star Ocean: The Divine Force
Star Ocean: The Divine Force Gets October Release Date

We haven’t had a new Star Ocean game since back in 2016 when Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness came our way. Square Enix is changing that this year with the release of Star Ocean: The Divine Force. The company announced a 27 October release date for the upcoming sci-fi action RPG and by the look of things, the game will mark a massive RPG-focused Q4 release schedule for the publisher.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force aims to blend science-fiction with fantasy in a new dual-protagonist system where players can either take on the role of Raymond who is a greatsword-wielding captain or Laeticia, a princess knight from the kingdom of Aucerius.

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The two lead characters aren’t the only cast members in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. Players will also meet Albraid, Laeticia’s righthand and knight. There’s also Elena, Raymond’s hybrid weapon wielder.

According to the extensive gameplay trailer for Star Ocean: The Divine Force, the game will follow much of the series’ core roots. This includes a lot of intergalactic exploration, large-scale real-time combat encounters and iconic Star Ocean mechanics.

Square Enix and tri-Ace plan on hosting new reveals and updates over the next few months in a new YouTube series called “Mission Report. The first episode touches on combat and the cast of characters in Star Ocean: The Divine Force. 

The game is set to launch on 27 October for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. It will mark a busy season for Square Enix as the company plans on releasing Forspoken and Nier: Automata in October followed by Harvestella in November. There’s also a new Dragon Age Treasures game headed our way in December alongside Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7.

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