Let’s not beat around the bush here. Halo Infinite looked like a hot heap of garbage when it was announced last year. Set to debut alongside the Xbox Series X/S, the game wasn’t up to standard by any means. Especially given it was the so-called “next-gen” shooter in the series.

Thankfully, Microsoft and 343 Industries delayed the game by an entire year to fix the visuals for Halo: Infinite. It must have cost them a small fortune but the delay has been well worth it. Not only did the multiplayer release earlier this week in a fully-playable state but the campaign is just a few weeks away from its 8 December debut.

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Over on Game Informer, the site has uploaded a direct comparison video of the horrible trailer from 2019. The trailer showcases the game’s opening sequence and compares the old footage to the newer version.

Keep in mind that the trailer isn’t an authentic comparison as most of the footage seen in the 2019 trailer was highly scripted and tweaked in the release version. However, both video clips are taken from the same area in the game and include the same assets, weapons and enemies.

Both demos are set in the same portion of the game, and take place a few hours into the campaign as Master Chief fights through waves of The Banished to take out anti-aircraft towers, all with the help of The Pilot and John’s new AI companion, The Weapon. The 2021 demo takes a different path than the 2020 version, but both segments end with Chief doing what he does best and coming across the now-famous speech from Escharum, one of the leading villains players will come to know when they get their hands on the game in a few weeks. Bare your fangs, Halo fans. This is just the beginning.

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Source: Game Informer 

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