Xbox Series X Back Cover Features Halo Infinite Despite The Delay
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Halo Infinite was originally meant to be Microsoft’s big launch title for the Xbox Series X and S. 343 Industries planned to launch the open-world shooter alongside the consoles on 10 November 2020. However, after its gameplay debut back in August, 343 Industries decided to delay the game into 2021 due to massive backlash from fans. This was mainly due to the game’s bad graphics running on Microsoft’s next-gen hardware. The gameplay debut was so bad it even spawned Craig the Brutes memes which flood the internet today.


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Despite the game’s delay, Microsoft is still pushing Halo Infinite on the Xbox Series X. EB Games Canada posted the back of the console box on their website and you’ll never guess who is the star of the show? The back of the console box features none other than Master Chief himself in Halo Infinite, a game no longer launching alongside the console at all.

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Box

Even though Microsoft can no longer rely on the game as their big seller during the Xbox Series X launch, the company is still holding onto Master Chief as if the console has anything to do with the game now. We are not sure how they ended up using Halo Infinite on the box or if they just did not have anything else to slap on the back? Perhaps the art and production of the box were already completed when the game was horribly announced and delayed? Regardless, if you buy an Xbox Series X this holiday season, expect to see a game on the box that you cannot play until sometime in 2021.

Catch up on the gameplay trailer down below






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