Xbox Series X Price S Release Date

Xbox Series X Release Date Set For 6 November 2020 – Rumour

We know Microsoft plans on releasing the Xbox Series X in November. The company recently announced the news last night. However, the specific launch date is still a mystery. It seems the Xbox Series X release date could be 6 November 2020. Earlier this week, white Xbox controllers leaked online revealing the existence of the Xbox Series S console. These controllers were not meant to be opened until 6 November 2020 according to a sticker found on the side of a shipment box.

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Now I know what you are thinking. The sticker is just a warning. However, that is not the case. I have personally come across this sticker a couple of times in the past. Video game collector’s editions often have these warnings on them to prevent retailers from selling or opening the games before launch. The stickers almost always list the release date of the said product inside them.

Xbox Series X S Release Date

This means that if this sticker is indeed the one found on the outside of the Xbox Series X controller shipment, then the release date is 6 November 2020. This date also lands on a Friday which is the usual launch day for most video game releases.

Another interesting leak comes from a Reddit post where a user looked up the serial number for one of the leaked Xbox Series X|S controllers. The warranty for the controller ends on 5 November 2021 which is 365 days after release. In other words, like all Xbox controllers, the new version also comes with a year warranty from the first day of purchase which is 6 November 2020.

Xbox Series X S Release Date

Right now, all these logistical details make sense. It seems the Xbox Series X release date is indeed 6 November 2020. But when will Microsoft make it official? Reports claim the company has delayed all its big announcements meant for this month into September 2020. This means no Xbox Series S reveal and no release date and pricing until September. However, this is all so-called “insiders” predictions and insight. Take it with a pinch of salt.

With the Halo Infinite delay into 2021, Microsoft most likely needs to reevaluate its launch plans hence the August reveal delay.

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