Unlock Your TV With The Xiaomi TV Box S and Xiaomi TV Stick

5 Best Xiaomi Smart Products on Sale at Takealot This Black November

Black Friday (or Black November as South Africans like to call it) is here. There’s no better time to stock up on new tech than now thanks to some great deals on Xiaomi smart products. Whether you’re adding new products to your already-robust smart life or diving into the world of smart living for the first time, Xiaomi has something on sale for everyone.

We have put together a list of five of the best Xiaomi smart products you can pick up this Black November. These products are all must-haves in some shape or form thanks to how they make life easier for customers. Be it by offering ease of mind thanks to the Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 or by cleaning the air during the ongoing hayfever season. Best of all, everything you see here is currently on promotion and you can save up to R3,000 on select products.

Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen (R899 – Was R1,199)

We have covered the Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen quite a lot in the past. The device helps transform your TV into a world of possibilities thanks to its great streaming support and smart features. Adding one to your home not only opens up the ability to stream your favourite shows in 4K with Dolby Vision support, but it also acts as a central hub where all your other Xiaomi smart products can talk to one another and you can control your products with a simple voice command.

Unlock Your TV With The Xiaomi TV Box S and Xiaomi TV Stick

The Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen will convert your limited TV operating system into a fully-fledged smart device with Google TV where you can install apps, stream content and even play games. It is the must-have TV device for all users out there and during Black November, you can pick it up for R899 from Takealot. On special from R1,199.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential (R6,999 – Was R9,999)

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential might not be your conventional smart device but it does make for a family-friendly product, which is great for early Christmas presents or maybe just a “treat yo self” moment. The motorised scooter is nice for those who want to snap around the neighbourhood or perhaps need something to drive around the park or streets with. The unit reaches 20km/h, is made from a sturdy Aerospace grade aluminium and has a fully functional dashboard, E-ABS brakes, headlights and a taillight to help light up the dark.

Xiaomi Essential Scooter

You can travel up to 20km with the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential making it great to run to the shops or even to work if you stay close to the office. The Mi Home app even integrates into the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential too. With it, you can lock down the scooter preventing someone from driving it, check the battery level, update the firmware and more. You can pick up the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Essential during the Black November promotion for R6,999.

Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW200 (R599 – Was R849)

With the festive season approaching, there has never been a better time to invest in your home security. For those who go away during the holidays, having a robust camera system at home provides ease of mind knowing you can check in on everything when you’re away. The Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW200 features a 120-degree field of view, ultra-low light night vision and a 1080p lens for extra clarity. It also features two-way voice calls with clear sound so you can communicate with someone on the other end.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

Using the Mi Home app, users can monitor the camera at all times of the day. You can also set the camera up to record when it detects motion and it saves the files on a Micro SD card and/or on the cloud. The camera also seamlessly integrates into your other small products meaning you can issue commands using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Given the excellent price of the Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera AW200, you can set up multiple devices around the house for that extra security. You can pick these cameras up for R599 during the Black November promotion.

Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 (R549 – Was R849)

On the topic of cameras, Xiaomi has another great indoor camera that you should look at this Black November. The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is a 360-degree camera that is easy to install, comes with home surveillance features and is fully controllable. This means you can set it up and through the Mi Home app, you’ll be able to move the lens around and rotate it up and down.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is great for those who want to add another eye of security to their homes and compliments the many other models on the market. The Full HD camera and enhanced night vision make it perfect for both bright days and dark nights meaning you’ll always be able to see what is going on.

It too records any motion it detects onto its Micro SD card, and/or on the cloud, and is easy to navigate around. Combine the camera with the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW200 and you have yourself a pretty feature-packed security system. The Xiaomi Smart Camera C200 is available at R549 during the Black November promotion.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro (R1,899 – Was R2,699) 

We all know how hot summers get in South Africa, especially in the middle of December. We also know how annoying the mosquitos get during these weeks. Oh, and also load shedding doesn’t seem to be getting any better. One solution to all of those problems is to get a decent fan. The Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro is the perfect companion to blow those annoying insects away, keep you cool during the hot days and nights and still work during load shedding thanks to its built-in fan.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

The best part about the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro is its smart features. Using the Mi Home app, you can fully control the fan speed, rotation, and noise, monitor your battery life and set up a timer to automatically turn it off. The fan also does a great job operating thanks to its 7 outer-layer blades which provide maximum airflow while also improving ventilation and reducing noise.

It rotates 140 degrees left and right, can be tilted up to 39 degrees and on the maximum speed, its wind force can reach up to 14 meters. The Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro is on sale for R1,899 during the Black November promotion.

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