Atomic Heart Expand Open-World Multiplayer DLC

Atomic Heart Performance Differs When in The Open World or in Dungeons

Atomic Heart developer Mundfish has confirmed that the game targets 60FPS across PS5 and Xbox Series X depending on what you’re doing in the game. The performance in-game runs at the best possible experience while players aren’t exploring the open world but rather, diving into the various dungeons and hubs scattered around it. When you’re in the open world, Atomic Heart then targets 60fps and makes use of a dynamic resolution to scale the game depending on the scene.

The official Twitter account says that most of the time, Atomic Heart will run at 4K 60fps in both cases. But there is dynamic scaling in place during open-world exploration. By the sound of things, this dynamic scaling will alter the resolution of the game in order to maintain 60fps smoothness.

We might see the game drop to 1440p and around that in order to render the world around the players. However, in dungeons, which sound like closed hubs with fewer details to chug out, the game’s resolution will maintain a solid 4K 60fps.

Keeping a stable frame rate is vital for Atomic Heart to succeed. The game’s fast-paced shooting and action rely on quick movements and reactions. It is imperative that players feel in control and the frame rate keeps up to avoid visual glitches.

Recent games such as The Callisto Protocol and Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have proved to be a challenge to play due to their unstable frame rate. The Callisto Protocol has especially been under the spotlight due to its wonky frame rate affecting combat and button input. Atomic Heart needs to deliver to avoid a similar fate.

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