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EA Could Be Working on an Iron Man Single-Player Game

EA could be working on an Iron Man single-player title according to speculation from Jegg Grubbs. In a recent Twitch clip, Grubb mentions that EA is currently working on the single-player Black Panther game as well as “another Marvel single-player game”. Tom Henderson then retweeted the clip on Twitter stating that there are rumours that it could be a possible Iron Man game.

It is worth mentioning that absolutely nothing conclusive has emerged so far so you will need to take this with a giant pinch of salt, or as Henderson puts it “put this heavily under the ‘rumour’ category for now”. An Iron Man single-player game by EA could be just the thing the company needs to finally put away the sour taste that Anthem left in fans’ mouth as well as give a greater experience than we got in Marvel’s Avengers.

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The clip also emerged on Reddit with many users immediately jumping onto the idea of EA creating a single-player Iron Man game stating that it would serve as a fantastic way to purge Anthem from our memories. As noted user DarthDarkWatt, one of Anthem’s best features was the actual flying and similar gameplay mechanics – which would translate excellently to an Iron Man title. If EA were able to combine this with a compelling story, they would be able to create a truly incredible Iron Man game.

“Dude, they have a gold mine right there with Anthem’s flying mechanics, if they make a world, and story just as good as Arkham City or Spider man…+ those mechanics oh boi the ideal Iron Man game….but thats just a dream…its EA so im not with the highest expectations”

However, before we all get too excited, trusted industry insider Tom Henderson has stated that to date, they have not heard “anything concrete to fully report on”. Henderson is quite a reliable source when it comes to insider information surrounding in-development titles so to hear him state there is nothing “concrete” as yet, could suggest that EA is looking at developing an Iron Man title but hasn’t committed to anything just yet. Again, take this with a massive handful of salt.

EA recently stated that single-player games are “a really important part” of their portfolio despite three-quarters of their revenue coming from live service titles, and their recent snafu that seemingly mocked players for liking single-player games. EA is currently working on a single-player Black Panther game that will form part of its new single-player portfolio, as well as the follow-up to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, titled Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Source: Reddit

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