Elden Ring Berserk Guts Build

Elden Ring Guide – How to Make a Berserk Guts Build

It’s no secret that Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki was heavily inspired by Kentaro Miura’s legendary manga Berserk. In Elden Ring, players now have the greatest freedom to role-play Berserk‘s main character, Guts. Today we’re going to show you how to make what has quickly become my favourite build in the game.

First and foremost, keep in mind that some aspects of this build will only be viable in the late game. However they’re merely armour pieces as the bread and butter of any Guts build is the weapon – which you can thankfully get right off the bat if you know where to look.

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Which Stats to Focus On

Elden Ring Berserk Guts Build

If you’re familiar with Guts’ fighting style in Berserk, he’s quite a brute character that wields an oversized sword called the Dragonslayer. Thus, this build will require a focus in three main stats: Vigor, Endurance and Strength.

In terms of Vigor and Endurance, Guts is known for his resilience in battle. A large health pool will give players that advantage along with a formidable stamina bar. Taking into account soft caps, you can choose to hit 40 Vigor/Endurance, then 60, then 80 at which point you might as well cap it off and become a tank.

For strength, in order to wield Guts’ signature Greatsword, you’ll need a minimum of 31 Strength. To get the most damage out of the weapon, I opted to maximise it at the highest soft cap of 80. However, at 40 and 60, Strength will give you enough of an edge to deal a considerable amount of damage. Thanks to patch 1.04, colossal weapons are also faster, meaning now would be the perfect time to test out this build.

Which Armour to Get

Elden Ring Berserk Guts Build

Of course, Guts is synonymous with a variety of armour styles across Berserk‘s story. However in Elden Ring, there are three significant armour sets that you might want to get.

Blaidd’s Set: The first armour set directly inspired by Berserk is Blaidd’s armour. In order to get this hybrid wolf warrior’s armour, though, you’ll need to complete Ranni’s questline (don’t worry, we’ve got a guide for that right here). Once completed, you’ll have Blaidd’s entire armour set. Lastly, his wolf mask can be found in the Three Sisters, on the top of the wall behind Seluvis’ Rise.

Night’s Cavalry Set: The Night’s Cavalry set is a fan-favourite when it comes to role-playing Guts since it features a striking resemblance to his Black Swordsman attire. To get this set requires you to have unlocked a hidden section in one of the final areas of the game, the Consecrated Snowfield at the Mountaintop of the Giants (accessed by obtaining both halves of the Haligtree Secret Medallion).

To obtain the Night’s Cavalry set, you’ll need to rest at the first site of grace upon entering the Consecrated Snowfield and wait for nightfall. Head North until you hit a travelling caravan being pulled by giants. Beside them are two Night’s Cavalry that you will need to slay to get the full armour set. We recommend luring them out one by one.

Maliketh’s Set: Maliketh’s set set is undoubtedly inspired by Guts’ Berserker armour. To obtain it is also fairly simple. You’ll first need to beat Maliketh, the Black Blade after finding him in Crumbling Farum Azula. The set can then be bought at Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

How to Get the Greatsword

Elden Ring Berserk Guts Build

Once you’ve picked your fashion for Guts based one of those three armour sets, your next step is to find the legendary Greatsword. The colossal sword (simply called “Greatsword”) can be found in Caelid in a broken down wagon. You can ride straight into Caelid from Limgrave and grab this sword early on if you want. We’ve got a more detailed breakdown of exactly where to find the Greatsword right here.

The most notable thing about this Greatsword is it’s actually a replica of the first sword that Guts uses for a majority of the Golden Age arc. At 401, it also has the highest base damage in the entire game when upgraded to +25. If you scale it up to an A-tier weapon, you’ll be shredding through most enemies in a one or two hits.

Additional Tips: Start with the Vagabond or Hero class since they give you the highest starting Strength (at 14 and 16, respectively). Though not entirely necessary, your build could also incorporate a crossbow (particularly the Pulley Crossbow since it’s a rapid-fire weapon like Guts’ own crossbow).

Elden Ring is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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