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Elden Ring Mimic Tear is Still Pretty Powerful Despite Nerf

From Software recently released patch 1.03 for Elden Ring which brought with it numerous buffs, nerfs and AI improvements. However, many fans felt disheartened when they revealed to be nerfing the ever-reliable Mimic Tear. However, after some testing, this doesn’t seem to be the case as it’s still pretty powerful despite the nerf.

Over on Reddit, user Eurehetemec provided a detailed breakdown about the Mimic Tear’s performance post-patch and made some interesting observations. Basically, the Mimic Tear may only deal 50% of the damage it once did, but it was improved in a lot of areas too.

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The Mimic Tear is arguably one of the best Spirit Ashes in the game, as it summons a replica spirit of yourself to aid you in battle. This meant that you’d essentially have two of you in any given fight, so you can see why so many players gravitated towards using it, especially in the harder late game of Elden Ring.

However, From Software revealed that they would be nerfing the Mimic Tear to some degree in the game’s latest patch. Fortunately, it’s still a very viable and powerful tool to use.

The Reddit user goes on to detail the changes made to the Mimic Tear post-patch. While it deals only 50% of the damage it used to do, it now acts smarter and far more aggressively in battle. The user’s full post reads:

“I tested it. It’s still extremely good.

So the downside is, it does like 50% of the damage it did. Booo!

The upside is, it’s way smarter and more aggressive. There may be situations this causes problems in, but in all the situations I tested it in, it was just drastically MORE effective than before in melee, even with 50% damage nerf it killed faster and more efficiently, especially on multiple targets, in melee.

Spellcasting the nerf was a lot more noticeable. Whilst it is still more aggressive and smarter (in knows to dodge, sometimes even repeatedly, now), but I had it just casting Ancient Dragon Lightning Strike before and with a 50% nerf, that’s no longer super-effective, though it’s still pretty effective.

I’d say if you’re using it for melee, you may find this “nerf” is a slight upgrade (less so on a single target), but if you’re using it for magic, it’s a noticeable nerf, but I don’t think it’s one that will cause you to change ash, because none of the other ones cast spells of your choice.”

I decided to run a test too following the update, and the results were similar to what the user reported. The Mimic Tear is actually a bit more efficient if you’re running a melee-focused build, using spacing more effectively and attacking faster during openings. Thankfully, maxed out at +10, the Mimic Tear is still formidably tanky too and takes quite a beating before it goes down.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that mage-focused players might have a harder time with the Mimic Tear as its spells are a 50% less effective too, but still pretty good considering the damage it outputs.

Those worried that the Mimic Tear wouldn’t be a viable option in fights can rest easy knowing From Software haven’t completely negated its usefulness. In fact, the improved AI now makes it a worthier companion to have in tough situations.

Elden Ring is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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