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Fallout 76 Player With Over 900 Hours Gets Banned

Fallout 76 was, and in many ways still is, one of the buggiest games around. At launch, Bethesda came under so much fire for its buggy game that no one really asked for. Bethesda is working on making the game better, but there are still a plethora of glitches, exploits and general issues with the game. Now, it seems like the developer has banned what has to be their biggest fan, a gamer with over 900 hours of play time.

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A player going by the name of Glorf12 on Reddit recently created a thread where he shared his solo farming guide with everyone. At the time, he had over 900 hours played with a character level of 457. This farming guide for rare materials and items got a lot of attention by the community, as players thanked Glorf12 for his hard work and dedication. Then, an update to the original post revealed that this player has been banned by Bethesda for exploiting a glitch in the game.

This player was banned, in short, for having too much ammo, specifically, Ultracide ammo. Bethesda’s ban message, which you can read below, notes that the player exploited a system issue that allows for duplication of items. This is because the player acquired over 100,000 of a rare item in 30 days. Here’s the thing though, according to Glorf12, there wasn’t any cheating involved. Check out the ban message from Bethesda below:

Sure, there is always a chance that he did exploit a system issue, but keep in mind that he has dedicated over 900 hours of his life to the game. This Fallout 76 player might have just farmed more and faster than Bethesda thought was possible. After all, he did write one of the best guides on farming.

Bethesda might have banned their most-dedicated Fallout 76 player out there, and the ban notice even mentions that when they fix this issue in “a future patch”, they will reactivate the player’s main and other accounts.

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What do you think about Bethesda banning this dedicated Fallout 76 player? Could the player just have farmed faster than Bethesda though possible? Let us know in the comment section below.

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