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Final Fantasy XVI State of Play Details Epic Combat, World Map and More

Final Fantasy XVI recently received a new deep dive thanks to a PlayStation State of Play event that took place last night. The 25 minutes of gameplay was presented by Square Enix producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida who explained in greater detail the game’s combat system, exploration, world map, epic Eikon battles and more ahead of its launch this June.

Despite receiving plenty of trailers already, Square Enix gave fans one last glimpse at Final Fantasy XVI in an extensive gameplay demonstration. The show largely focused on explaining the game’s shift to being the first true action-RPG in the long-running series, emphasised by its overhauled real-time combat which was designed by Devil May Cry 5 combat designer Ryota Suzuki.

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Combat in Final Fantasy XVI will not feature any turn-based elements like previous entries but instead, allow players to freely get into the action in real-time using an assortment of flashy melee attacks, combos and magic. The game’s story spans multiple years in the life of protagonist Clive Rosfield, though that wasn’t really touched upon in too much detail to avoid spoilers.

This was also the first time we got a proper look at the game’s world map and despite not being a traditional open-world, the zones appear absolutely massive with several points of interest dotted around the landscapes. Each zone features unique biomes such as dense forests, sandy deserts and bustling cities. The towering Mothercrystals greeting players in the distance is a truly spectacular sight and we can’t wait to be immersed in the world.

The skill tree for Final Fantasy XVI was also revealed and while it’s not as in-depth as other Final Fantasy games, players will still have the option to hone in on their preferred skills and upgrade them for more effective results in combat. Ability points can be earned through gameplay and then spent to upgrade and unlock new skills throughout each branch of the skill tree, focusing on magic, offence, defence and several other buffs.

Players concerned about difficulty won’t have to worry as Square Enix explained that they can equip certain accessories that triggers auto-evade, greater damage output and more for an easier time in combat if you choose to focus on the game’s story. Companions were also explained in the gameplay. While they’re mostly support characters, players won’t get to directly control any of them. However, the dog-wolf Torgal is a good boy and you can give him treats. Game of the Year.

The gameplay concluded with Eikon battles which are different spectacles entirely. Clive can directly engage with Eikons (powerful summons) in combat or take them on as a Dominant by transforming into them. These battles are massive and on a totally different scale to regular combat as entire environments are destroyed during the clashes. There’s a lot more that we haven’t touched on like merchants, blacksmiths, mini-games and more that you can watch in the full State of Play video below.

Final Fantasy XVI launches on 22 June 2023 exclusively for PS5.

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