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GTA 6 Trailer Has ‘A Lot of Big Butts’ Says GTA V Voice Actor

Rockstar Games recently released the highly anticipated first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 which takes players back to the shores of Vice City in modern day. Reactions have poured in from all over the internet but one reaction from a GTA V voice actor seems to be getting a lot of attention for his commentary, pointing out that the reveal trailer for GTA 6 features a lot of big butts.

Voice actor Ned Luke, best known for portraying Michael in GTA V, held a livestream on his personal YouTube channel reacting to the trailer for GTA 6 – and while he had a lot to say about the game’s visuals and NPC density, most of his commentary was on the trailer’s excessive display of big butts. For context, the trailer does contain many shots of women twerking. As Luke pointed out, they also have big butts and he can’t seem to let that down.

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Luke said in his reaction video:

“How big the asses are. That’s surprising. There’s some big asses in that trailer. I mean a lot of ’em. Almost every ass in that trailer, other than the male asses, was big. Big! That surprised me because, you know, Miami’s got some not-big asses too. We’ll see.”

Luke then dives into some unfiltered commentary once the trailer cuts to the beach:

“Then it cuts to the beach. There’s a big ass. There’s a big ass and thighs. There’s a big ass. There’s a huge ass with a thong on. There’s another big ass over there. There’s one–I’m looking to see–there’s a huge ass with a thong on. And we’re in a boat. Every ass is huge. I gotta talk with these guys, we gotta get some not huge asses in there. Not everybody loves a big, massive butt, okay? Some people like a smaller one, narrower hips, smaller butt. We need to take care of everybody.”

“I think it’s interesting that every single one has a massive rear end,” Luke added. “I just think that’s interesting. It’s like there’s a serial plastic surgeon giving BBLs [Brazilian Butt Lifts] to every woman in Vice City.”

Along the way, Luke did offer some good insight into the development cycle of Rockstar Games and why it has taken so long for GTA 6, factoring in things such as COVID and the previous five-year development of Red Dead Redemption 2. He also mentioned how real the birds looked compared to GTA V.

Rockstar developers have responded to the trailer leak which forced the company to release the trailer early and ahead of schedule. According to a press release, it’s unlikely that GTA 6 will launch on PC day one as it’s currently only listed for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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