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Hideo Kojima Teases Next Game Ahead of The Game Awards

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions have teased a new, unannounced game ahead of The Game Awards next week. The developer took to social media and posted an image with the caption “Start a new journey”, revealing three symbols with one seemingly being tied to previous posters that showed actress Elle Fanning in a starring role. Speculation has ranged from the Death Stranding sequel to the leaked horror game, Overdose.

Little else was revealed in the image apart from the three symbols. The middle symbol can be seen on character posters that Kojima previously shared, suggesting that it’s linked to this mysterious new title. The other two symbols show a logo for a company called Automated Public Assistance Company (or APAC) while the other shows a tentacled beast of some sort.

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Fans have been speculating online about what it could be, but there are a couple of possibilities. Actor Norman Reedus, who played protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, accidentally revealed that Kojima Productions were working on the sequel to Death Stranding earlier this year. On the other hand, a leaked horror game called Overdose starring Death Stranding actress Margaret Qualley is also on the table.

Hideo Kojima Productions Tease The Game Awards Overdose Death Stranding Sequel

Either way, it looks like Kojima is ramping up the teases ahead of The Game Awards next week, where we’ll likely see this unannounced game finally revealed. Kojima confirmed last year that although he couldn’t make it in person to the last Game Awards event, he will be attending this year and the hope is that he has something new to show.

We’ll just have to wait and see in the coming days what else is revealed about this secret project, though we’ll probably get an announcement at The Game Awards which takes place on Thursday, 8 December at 7PM CAT.

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