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Hogwarts Legacy Was 2023’s Best-Selling Game Says WB

WB Games says Hogwarts Legacy achieved something wicked and managed to become the best-selling video game of 2023, selling 22 million copies worldwide. Amidst all the impressive sales figures, the publisher also confirmed that it would continue exploring more Harry Potter games in the future.

Hogwarts Legacy launched early last year to positive reviews and some of the biggest sales of the year, selling around 12 million copies in just two weeks. This means that it managed to outsell Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, which is a surprise considering that Call of Duty is typically the best-selling game annually (unless Rockstar Games releases a title).

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However, it’s worth noting that these numbers come directly from WB Games and don’t take into account other heavy-hitters of 2023 such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which sales currently stand at 19.5 million as of Nintendo’s last financial results. That number could’ve increased over the holiday season and possibly overtaken Hogwarts Legacy, though we’ll only hear about it at the end of Nintendo’s next financial call.

Against a myriad of controversies since release, Diablo 4 also managed to attract 10 million players during its June launch month so it’s possible that Blizzard’s action-RPG could’ve also seen a a steady growth in sales over the last few months, especially with new DLC content rolling out.

WB Interactive Entertainment president David Haddad expressed his excitement about Hogwarts Legacy‘s high sales, stating in a recent interview with Variety:

“It’s not just the units sold that I’m so proud of, it’s just that it delighted the fans so much. It brought Harry Potter to life in a new way for gamers where they could be themselves in this world, in this story.”

Sales for Hogwarts Legacy might’ve also been boosted by the launch of the Nintendo Switch port, though that was also met with some heavy criticism due to its technical limitations and downgraded visuals. On the bright side, a sequel might be on the table.

Source: Variety

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