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Kingdom Hearts Movie is a Blend of CGI and Live-Action – Report

Last week, we reported on a Kingdom Hearts adaptation reportedly in development at Disney. There was some confusion about whether it would be a movie or TV series and whether it would be animated with CGI or live-action. The same source who originally leaked the adaptation has clarified that the upcoming project will use a blend of CGI and live-action.

This is according to DanielRPK, who has a decent track record of accurate movie and television leaks. The leaker claims that the upcoming Kingdom Hearts adaptation will, in fact, be a movie and will use a blend of CGI and live-action. Fans quickly made the comparisons to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, which are mostly live-action with many CGI elements incorporated to bring its fantasy world to life.

As of writing, Disney hasn’t made any official announement regarding this rumoured Kingdom Hearts movie. It will be based on the popular action RPG franchise of the same name from Square Enix, in which players take the role of Sora, befriend Disney icons like Goofy and Donald Duck and encounter worlds directly lifted from the pantheons of Disney and some Square Enix intellectual properties such as Final Fantasy.

The series currently consists of 13 games including mainline entries and spin-offs. A mobile game titled Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link is set to launch sometime this year for iOS and Android. Square Enix is currently working on the next entry in the franchise, Kingdom Hearts IV, though we haven’t received an update on the game in a while. It may include Star Wars, a new protagonist and potentially an open world, though these are just unconfirmed reports and speculation for now.

Video game adaptations are seemingly in full swing in Hollywood. Amazon recently released the acclaimed Fallout TV show. Before that, we got HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us. In the movie world, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise is still going strong with three movies and a Knuckles spin-off series.

Source: DanielRPK

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