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Lies of P DLC in The Works According to Neowiz

Lies of P is seemingly getting DLC, according to a recent Korean job board post by developer Neowiz Games. The Soulslike action-RPG released last month and received great critical reception along with a large player base thanks to its inclusion on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service at launch. Not long after its release, it looks like Neowiz already has plans to expand the story with potential DLC.

As spotted by Twitter user Okami Games, the a Korean job board post from Neowiz lists Lies of P‘s various achievements in the country but also mentions that DLC is planned for production. This was expected as most Soulslike games tend to receive DLC or expansions should they prove to be a critical and commercial success, especially if there’s more story to be told after teaser endings in the case of Lies of P.

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As for what could be in store for Lies of P fans in the DLC, it’s anyone’s guess. Fans speculate that new content could introduce a few new locations and characters to draw from the Pinocchio source material or possibly other fairy tales, which would be interesting since Neowiz could take those ideas and concepts into possible sequels.

In related news, Neowiz and Round8 Studio recently released a massive patch for Lies of P that rebalanced the challenge of several boss fights, essentially making the game slightly easier for players. This follow complaints that certain bosses felt a bit unfair or unnecessarily difficult due to the way fights and movesets were designed. It will certainly make the journey to acquire all three endings of the game a bit less stressful too.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launched a crossover with Lies of P last month that added two new weapons: the snazzy Puppet’s Saber blade and the Etiquette, an umbrella melee weapon that doubles as a shield to block enemy attacks and deflect projectiles.

Lies of P is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Source: Okami Games

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