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Shonen Jump Working on Massive New Crossover Game – Report

Shonen Jump is reportedly working with developer CyberConnect2 again on a massive new crossover game that will apparently merge over 140 characters from its various manga and anime properties. Some details were revealed about this next ambitious arena fighter game including the large roster, boss fights, hub area and more. After the middling reception of Jump Force, it seems like Shonen Jump is trying to go bigger this time and address some of the criticism.

Before we proceed, it’s worth mentioning that this rumour originates from 4chan which doesn’t exactly have a good track record of accurate leaks. However, the information was compiled by a user on Reddit who believes the source was adamant about revealing these details. Take it with a mountain of salt regardless.

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The Reddit post compiled all the information about this new arena fighting game currently in development at CyberConnect2. It will apparently merge several universes from Shonen Jump’s IPs once again and focus on big events from each universe. Have a look at the leaked details below:

  • Developed by Cyberconnect2’s core development team. The game is arena fighting.
  • The game uses Storm 4 as a base, with quality-of-life improvements, so there are a lot of similarities. Some of them will be present at Storm Connections.
  • Various mash-up battle events of iconic anime moments. Story mode is an excuse to have cool fights and all that.
  • Everyone is trying to save the ”Jumpverse” from the combined force of the great antagonists of Shonen Jump who merged the universes in an evil plot, probably orchestrated by some OC.
  • There are many unlockables, content, characters, etc.
  • The list of characters is very large. Any extra development time they had they used on this and the story as they didn’t need a new engine. The characters have alternate forms as well.
  • There are many boss fights and even, many boss fights that are not on the list. This also extends to random characters in scenes and beyond that, there are also NPC’s.
  • There is a hub quite similar to the one in Jump Force (on a similar scale to Hidden in the Leaf in Storm 1), in which you can talk to NPC’s to collect secondary missions/battles and to forward the story. You move around here with the customisable character.
  • 140 characters, 50 stages and 50 of them are available at the beginning, with the last one not being some starter, but unlocked after beating the story mode, so it comes as your reward.
  • A customisable character only uses animations of all other characters in the game for specials with basic archetypes for common and normal attacks.

A roster of 140 characters is absolutely massive for a fighting game but that explains why the game has reportedly been in development for almost five years now. Shonen Jump licenses several IPs including Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach and more, so the large roster isn’t too surprising given how many characters are already in those four properties alone. If we had to speculate, this sounds a lot like Jump Force 2.

We still recommend taking all of this with a few heaps of salt since no reputable source has come forward to corroborate the information yet. It’s not impossible but we’ll just have to wait for official news from the parties involved.

Source: Reddit

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    This is awesome I would like updates on this new jump game

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