Shrek 2 Game Rumours Debunked THQ Nordic
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Shrek 2 Game Remake Rumours Debunked by THQ Nordic

Earlier this week, rumours surfaced about a potential remake of Shrek 2 (the video game adaptation) coming from Purple Lamp Studios, the same developer for the upcoming Epic Mickey remake. However, publisher THQ Nordic which owns the rights to the video game property has debunked the rumours.

The rumour originates from a Reddit thread from a user who claims to have connections to PR at THQ Nordic. The user claims that the publisher entered talks with Universal about possibly acquiring more IP from the studio. However, the user later states that Shrek 2 will be remade for the Nintendo Switch as well as other consoles and PC.

THQ Nordic were swift to debunk the false rumour, jokingly stating that nobody in its PR team has any friends.

To be fair, some commenters pointed out that THQ Nordic’s response seems like a joking tease and not an outright debunking of the rumour. However, according to one response, the rumour was apparently debunked by the original leaker themselves who claimed that they made it up one night with friends. Seems like there’s no smoke by this fire after all.

According to a report from Variety last year, Shrek 5 is moving ahead at Illumination with the original cast on board, though it hasn’t been confirmed by the studio yet despite a sly tease at the end of the movie, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. If the resurgence of the movie franchise is happening, there’s a good chance that we might get a video game adaptation somewhere along the line. A remake of Shrek 2 would certainly get a lot of fans excited as it has gathered a cult following over the years.

Source: THQ Nordic

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