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The Last of Us Part I PC Version Bombed at Sales Due to Buggy Performance

Sony has revealed that the PC version of The Last of Us Part I didn’t do too well due to the game’s rocky launch. If you remember back in March, The Last of Us Part I was released for PC in an unplayable state. The game’s visual bugs, crashes and hour-long shader compiling caused uproar online.

It took Sony over a month to fix The Last of Us Part I and while it is a day and night difference, the game is still not running at the point where it should be. As a result of the horrendous issues, The Last of Us Part I bombed in sales. Sony says that the game only sold a measly 368k units on PC.

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While this number might sound high, it really isn’t. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered in comparison, pushed over 1.5 million units during its first six months on the PC market resulting in $52 million in revenue for the company. The Last of Us Part I only managed to make Sony $15.5 million during the first few weeks.

Sales for the game have also slowed down to a halt. The initial sales burst was caused by the finale of the HBO show which aired around the launch of the PC game. However, soon after its release, word-of-mouth regarding the poor PC performance and the dozens of articles posted about the game, saw gamers jump ship.

368K units for a game of this magnitude is definitely not good for Sony. Hopefully, future PC ports will release in a more stable state. It is sad because its previous titles such as the amazing Returnal on PC was a masterpiece on the platform.

Sony has yet to announce any new games for PC since The Last of Us Part I. However, the company is hosting its PlayStation Showcase this evening which might hold some reveals.

Source: Sony Business Strategy 

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