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The Sims 4 Sex Speedrun Sets New Record For Fastest ‘WooHoo’

In the video game speedrunning world, one of the strangest categories is known as The Sims 4 ‘WooHoo’ speedrun in which players compete to set the fastest time for making their sims have sex. It’s bizarre, we know, but impressive nonetheless when you consider how difficult it is to get it right. After holding the world record for almost a year in the category, a speedrunner’s time was recently broken – only to have the former world record holder reclaim the title two days later by a tenth of a second. Now that’s a fast WooHoo.

As reported by Games Radar, a Sims 4 speedrunner named ArvidTheMusic held the world record in the WooHoo category since 4 April 2023, clocking in a time of 0:23:767. However, that record was broken when on 25 March 2024, a runner named chiblee took the time down to 0:23:483 – barely a fraction of a second faster. Upset by the defeat, ArvidTheMusic returned two days later to reclaim their world record, bringing the time down again to 0:23:383, a tenth of a second faster than chiblee’s time.

You can watch the full run below, which shows how speedrunners go about achieving this world record. It’s a process that involves meeting a Sim, making them friends, letting them hold hands a few times, kiss, then watch the fireworks when you invite them to the bedroom for sex.

“Summoning Salt, my DMs are open whenever you’d like to discuss possibly the most competitive speedrunning category on the scene right now,” said ArvidTheMusic on Reddit, referring to a popular YouTube channel that breaks down the most impressive speedruns in the community.

Speedrunners will go to extreme lengths to set the most bizarre yet outstanding feats – including one streamer who beat Elden Ring upside down while using a steering wheel (we’re not joking) and another that used their brain signals to beat Malenia. Challenging Souls games aside, it’s nice to see other games also tackle niche runs like trying to get their Sims to smash in the fastest time possible.

Source: Games Radar

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