Truly Exquisite is making a 24K Gold PS5 console that will launch later this year alongside the worldwide release of the system. While there’s no price tag yet, imagine paying for a gold-coated console? Yeah, it won’t be cheap at all. The London-based company is known for its over-the-top products as they take already-released tech and merchandise and bedazzle it in diamonds and gold. The PlayStation 5 is its latest creation.

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Everything they have on sale is very expensive. An iPhone XS, for example, is £3450 which equates to R75k. That’s about R55k more than what it usually costs. This gold PS5 will most likely set you back well over R100k. At least it comes with a DualSense and a Sony Pulse headset too. Both of which are also covered in 24k gold. There’s also a Platinum and 18K Rose Gold model too. Hmmm, the Rose Gold sounds right up my alley… if I was a millionaire.

Truly Exquisite 24k Gold PS5 Console

The company describes this product as;

“The long-awaited and much anticipated Sony Playstation 5 just got even better! Truly Exquisite are proud to announce that we bring to you yet another release first…this time it will be in the form of the brand new Sony PS5…available to buy in luxury 24K Gold, Platinum and also 18K Rose Gold finishes. We can not wait to start custom making these true beauties. Stay tuned and register your interest as we will have more information of pre-orders and distribution soon.

If you want to sign-up for more information and possibly pre-order one then you can head over to the official site. You can also email me so I can meet you and we can enjoy the Truly Exquisite 24k Gold PS5 console together. I make a great friend.

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