Xiaomi Smart Home Products Elevate Any Home

Xiaomi Smart Home Products Elevate Any Home

Xiaomi makes some incredible products which span many different industries. If you want to create a Wi-Fi mesh system, the brand has the tech for you. If you’re looking for a powerful smartphone that takes great photos, the Redmi range has you covered. But one of my favourite things about Xiaomi is how versatile the brand is when it comes to its smart home products.

Whether you’re looking for some speakers to not only add music to your life but also command the rest of the products in your home or some desk lamps to seamlessly integrate into your working environment, there’s a lot to choose from. Xiaomi also makes each product with the mindset to integrate them into others. So once you’re in the ecosystem, adding and growing your collection only benefits the rest.

Xiaomi smart products are also supported by the Mi Home App which is a great platform for all sorts of smart devices outside of the brand too. This way, you can control multiple products by setting them up under certain rooms in the app.

Here’s a guide to a handful of Xiaomi smart products that will perfectly blend into your home.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker (QBH4190GL) 

Xiaomi Smart Speaker (QBH4190GL) 

First off we have the Xiaomi Smart Speaker. The QBH4190GL model. This product is one of Xiaomi’s more premium speakers on the market and features DTS Audio.

The great thing about all Xiaomi Smart Speakers is that they all integrate into other products allowing you to use them as a gateway to access all your other devices without having a phone nearby. Once set up, the Xiaomi Smart Speaker can understand voice commands and you can turn on your Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp Pro while making use of built-in OK Google commands at the same time.

Think of this specific Xiaomi Smart Speaker as the heart of your smart home. When it isn’t playing music, you can also plan your day ahead, set alarms and control the other smart products at home with your voice.

The Chromecast features also allow you to play music, movies and TV shows directly to supported TVs. This means you can call to the speaker while you’re making popcorn in the kitchen so when you’re done, the TV is ready to stream whatever you want to watch.

The Xiaomi Smart Speaker also includes a robust list of tech including:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Chromecast and Google Ok Built-in
  • 2 Far-field Mics and Touch Sensitive Buttons
  • Powerful 12W Speaker
  • 63.5mm Sound Driver
  • DTS Professional Tuned Sound

Xiaomi Smart Speaker (QBH4218GL)

Xiaomi Smart Speaker (QBH4218GL)

The next speaker in the lineup is the QBH4218GL model. Similarly to the previous speaker, this one also comes packed with all the great Xiaomi smart home features. This means you can bind the speaker to the Xiaomi Home App and use the speaker as a gateway to control the rest of your smart home products.

You can also benefit from the Okay Google support meaning it has all the bells and whistles you can expect from weather reports, music playlists and even Chromecast.

This Xiaomi Smart Speaker also comes with an LED display that supports adaptive brightness. So as your room gets brighter, the clock screen brightens too. You’ll always be able to see what time it is and at night, the subtle brightness won’t be too distracting.

Other physical features of this Xiaomi Smart Speaker include buttons used to play, pause and turn up and down the volume of the music. You could always issue a command to do the same thing too. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker also comes with an IR transmitter so you can use supported controllers on the device in order to physically control other products.

Other features include:

  • Smart Home Control Center
  • Balanced Sound Field
  • IR Control
  • Stereo Playback
  • Google Assistant Built-in
  • LED Clock Display

Xiaomi Smart Clock (QBH14191GL) 

Xiaomi Smart Speaker (QBH4218GL)

The sleek Xiaomi Smart Clock is a great companion for everyone. The clock comes with a 4″inch display which can be customized to show up to ten different clock faces. The display also shows other important information such as the weather, alarm, upcoming events, commute information, news and more.

The display also comes in handy if you have a supported Xiaomi smart camera at home too. When set up, the 4″ inch panel can show you what the camera sees. This is helpful if you want to see who is at the gate or perhaps check in on your baby.

The Xiaomi Smart Clock also comes with OK Google support and Xiaomi smart home control. So similar to the Xiaomi speakers, you can interact with your other Xiaomi products by issuing commands to this clock. You can also use Google commands to play music from the full-range speaker. Other features include:

  • 4″ Display
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Full Range Speaker
  • Ok Google Support
  • Control Smart Home Devices
  • Connect to Xiaomi Camera

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 (MUE4093GL) 

Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 (MUE4093GL) 

If you need to shed a little light on your life, Xiaomi has a great lineup of desk lamps to choose from too. The first is the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2. This RGB lamp features 16 million different colours as well as a bright globe that can be dimmed for any situation.

With a brightness of up to 400 lumens, the Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 has been perfectly designed to fill a room with light from across the entire device. This is done thanks to the top-of-the-line bulb inside the device which sends off light through a new dual-layer light mixing technology.

The Xiaomi Bedside Lamp 2 can get as low as 2 lumens of brightness which is perfect for a night light or simply an ambience light in the house.

The lamp also comes with voice control. With this support, users can adjust the lamp’s brightness, change the colour, turn it off and on and even issue commands to other smart home products through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. You can simply also adjust the lamp with the built-in touch buttons.

Other features include:

  • Captivating 16 Million Colours
  • Dimmable
  • Elegant Style
  • Touch Control Design
  • Smart Voice Control
  • Smart App Control

Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S (MUE4105GL) 

Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S (MUE4105GL) 

If you need to shed a little light on your life, Xiaomi has a great lineup of desk lamps to choose from too. The Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S is another great lamp offering from Xiaomi. This sleek lamp boasts a range of different lighting modes to suit your mood and need. The Focus Mode, Read Mode, Computer Mode and Child Mode switch between different brightness and colour profiles to enhance the situation.

The Xiaomi LED Desk Lamp 1S has also been specially designed to reduce flickering which causes fatigue. The light illumination has a rendering index of Ra 90 which also blocks out harmful effects on the eyes.

Of course, it comes with all the great Xiaomi smart features you would expect. You can make use of OK Google commands, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa. The lamp can also be controlled remotely through the Mi Home App. This means you can set up the light mode, decrease the brightness and even set up schedules.

Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro (BHR4119GL) 

Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro (BHR4119GL) 

Last but not least we have the Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro. This high-end lamp is designed to not only look stylish but also function beyond any other lamp you’ve ever owned. The intelligent colour temperature perfectly adapts to your environment and can change between 2500K and 4800K. It also incorporates the Pomodoro technique that aids the user to be more productive while also protecting their eyes.

The circular light array is designed off a medical shadowless lamp which has perfect range without any uniformity and ghosting from the light source whatsoever.

The special dial on the base lets users control the brightness, change the temperature and even turn the lamp on and off without feeling overwhelmed by the number of buttons and dials.

The Xiaomi Smart LED Desk Lamp Pro reaches up to 700 lumens making it an incredibly bright lamp for your house. It also comes with a robust set of smart features including the Mi Home App and Apple HomeKit.

  • Professional Eye-Protection Lamp
  • Full Desk Stereo Lighting
  • Up to 700 lumens brightness
  • High Colour Rendering Index
  • Smart App Control
  • Smart Voice Control
  • Elegant Design
  • Works with Apple Homekit

In Closing

All these products above are a small selection of what Xiaomi has on offer. However, you’ve likely noticed a similar theme across them all. This stems from the great Mi Home App integration as well as smart features. Everything talks to another product and you can control your devices with the app or with a supported speaker device too.

You can pick these devices up in South Africa by following the links below:

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