Valve Adds Ability to Draw on the CS: GO Map, Updates Scoreboard and More
New CS: GO Update Valve CS: GO map
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The CS: GO updates are coming hard and fast as Valve continues to add and improve on their FPS title. Earlier this week, Valve made improvements to Operation Shattered Web mission tracking, improved bot gameplay and more. Now, a new CS: GO update allows users to finally draw on the map.

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You can now draw on the map overview, allowing for easier showcasing of tactics and this should be especially useful in public matches where players just run around like headless chickens. You will also see the latest CS: GO blog post appear in the client notification screen when you boot up the game, allowing players to have easy access to the latest updates from Valve.

Furthermore, Valve has adjusted the scoreboard headers for better viewing and readability. While the latest CS: GO update isn’t all that big, it does add some useful things and the ability to draw on the map is most definitely the biggest. Check out the update notes below:

  • Added support for client-side drawing on the Map Overview screen.
  • Added client notification screen at game start displaying the most recent CS:GO blog post.
  • Adjusted the scoreboard headers for better alignment and readability.
  • Added support for localizing 1st, 2nd, 3rd labels on the end of match screen.
  • Added nofastforward flag to playdemo command, must be used right before anonsuspect to prevent fast forwarding through low interest part of the replay.
  • Added support for cl_voice_filter to specify a comma delimited list of whitelisted SteamIDs for demo voice playback, e.g. ‘steamids:765123,765456,7651244’

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What do you think about the latest CS: GO update from Valve and will you be using the map drawing feature? Let us know in the comment section below.






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