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Elden Ring NPC Quest Discovered in Data Mine

Elden Ring it seems has a cut NPC questline as discovered by data miner Lance McDonald.

Elden Ring certainly has no shortage of NPC questlines already which you can have a look at here. It seems though there was to be another as discovered by a prolific dataminer who dug deep into the code of Elden Ring.

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The questline starts off rather early in the game and seems to have been at the Stormhill Shack where you meet the lovely Roderika. Previously this location was called Scavenger’s Shack and was supposedly home to an unknown NPC named Monk Jigo.

According to PCGamer, McDonald was able to re-initialise this NPC who was “seduced by the good lady alcohol” and who asks for your assistance in gathering the items needed for something called “Dreambrew”. This “legendary” brew supposedly has magical qualities to it and judging from the name we assume it has something to do with sleeping and/or dreams.

The questline appears to be involved with St. Trina who in Elden Ring lore is commonly synonymous with sleeping and dreams. Along with her Crystal Bell, players would then gather “Dream Mist” from sleeping animals and creatures throughout the Lands Between and it seems that they were going to have more of a presence in the game.

McDonald managed to generate “Dreambrew” and the goal of the item is to gift it to certain NPCs although to what end is unclear. Lance gifted the first batch to Merchant Kalé who subsequently fell asleep, and supposedly had nightmares of the Frenzied Flame according to the subtitles. Its also unclear if this potion was to have some impact on the ending of Elden Ring or if it was just to see what the NPCs throughout the Lands Between were dreaming about.

In the final version of Elden Ring players can defeat an optional boss in a dream through Fia’s questline but it’s unknown if this was going to link into the “Dreambrew” questline.

Elden Ring’s boss Starscourge Radahn was recently beefed back up again as he was accidentally nerfed before but that still hasn’t stopped some players speedrunning the title in less than 3 hours while taking no damage.

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Source: PCGamer

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