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Starfield New Video Shows Robot Friend VASCO

Starfield is the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG coming from Bethesda and a new behind-the-scenes video showcases VASCO, the robot companion we will be exploring the stars with.

Starfield’s lead artist Istvan Pely introduced VASCO, the robot companion that we will be venturing the environments of Starfield with stating that this was one of “his favourite companions in the game”. Pely states that VASCO is a “reliable companion that an intrepid explorer like yourself can depend on”.

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Istvan confirmed that VASCO will be an “expeditionary robot” that will assist you throughout your travels and is currently employed by the Constellation. Pely also confirmed that VASCO was an early model built by Lunar Robotics which sounds like a canonical reason for VASCO getting you stuck in a doorway like another certain Bethesda companion.

Pely went on to discuss some of the features of VASCO and it could be rather interesting to see in action while playing Starfield. First, VASCO is bipedal which will allow him to traverse the “rough terrain” of systems and planets, also due to the fact that he has had a refurbished chassis design.

Starfield Concept Art VASCO

VASCO can also carry equipment for us during “long journeys” which alludes to the fact that VASCO could act as a traveling storage system while we are exploring. Whether he will be able to carry just supplies, weapons, or something else remains to be seen but as we know from Bethesda’s titles such as Skyrim and Fallout 4, our companions can carry practically anything we shove in their pockets, aside from quest items.

In terms of combat, VASCO is defined as a “peaceful robot” but there are hints at some more offensive capabilities when looking at the concept art. For starters, there looks to be a compact missile launcher as well as what looks like a rifle attached to one of the arms. This is not confirmed by Bethesda though and is purely speculation but there are “defensive capabilities” built into VASCO that are confirmed by Bethesda.

You can have a look at VASCO’s official introduction below:

Recently, Bethesda discussed some more details of what to expect from Starfield and there were even unofficial screenshots leaked of an early Starfield build.

Starfield is set for a November 11th release date on PC and Xbox this year.

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Source: IGN

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