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Ubisoft Will Not hold E3-like showcase in June

Ubisoft will not be holding its own major product showcase outside of E3 that we typically see from the developer during this time. A company spokesperson confirmed the news to Axios that Ubisoft will not hold its annual conference, opting instead for an event “later this year”.

Ubisoft held its annual event typically in June to coincide with the E3 showcase, giving Ubisoft a longer run time vs. what they would receive if they stuck with E3. The events are usually pretty fun to watch and a previous event even saw T-Pain battling with his team in Rainbow Six Siege.

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The Ubisoft Forward events, starting in 2020, were held in September 2020 and June 2021, in response to the shut down of E3 amidst Covid-19 safety protocols and concerns. The format was a success with concurrent viewership exceeding E3 events before, which led Ubisoft to invest in these events rather than E3.

Reportedly, sources have told reliable industry insider Tom Henderson. that Ubisoft was still planning to put on their annual showcase but that it had been put off for a little while due to world events. The event was reportedly set to introduce or showcase roughly 20 games including Skull and Bones, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, as well as Assassin’s Creed Rift and Infinity. 

This year’s E3 was cancelled despite the rumours mentioning its return, though, Summer Games Fest 2022 is set to set our souls a little bit, promising “events, activities and updates for fans from more than 30 partners”.

Ubisoft is currently working on a host of projects, with Skull and Bones and Prince of Persia being two of the most anticipated titles to date. Reportedly, Ubisoft has mishandled the Prince of Persia remake leading to multiple delays as well as the title being shifted back to Ubisoft Montreal, the series’ original developer. Skull and Bones is also still on its way, and is seemingly emerging from its development hell, with Ubisoft stating that we should see it by mid-2023. Good and Evil 2 is also still in the works, with the French developer stating that it is the most ambitious titles to date.

Source: Axios

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